Azure Blob Storage to host 3D Models and conversion to Hololens 2 App

Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) is Microsoft’s service that enables high-quality 3d models rendering. But how can you upload your files in order for the service to render it?

ARR does not render FBX or GLTF files directly, instead you need to convert them in a binary format. The conversion service consumes models from Azure Blob Storage Container (input) and writes them back to a provided Azure Blob storage container (output).

How does the conversion process look like?

1 . Create Azure Blob Storage (input and output).

2 . Upload the model from your local disk to the input storage container.

3 . Trigger the REST API model conversion process. (swagger definitions). This will retrieve the data from the input storage container and start conversion, which will return a conversion ID.

4 . Poll the service from conversion process until the process terminates with success or failure.

5 …

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